Illuminate Therapy & Wellness is Growing!

At Illuminate Therapy & Wellness, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture that values the holistic health not just of our clients, but of its therapists as well, so that our entire team feels empowered and motivated in a field that can often feel overwhelming and demanding. IT&W therapists are skilled, professional, independent contractors who are passionate and dedicated about providing quality and holistic care therapy services to their clients.

We offer a warm, dynamic, and supportive working environment and believe in cultivating our therapists’ strengths, individualized talents, and passions by empowering them to become inspirational leaders in their field. At times, private practice can be isolating, but we choose to combat this through celebrations, community philanthropy and promoting care of oneself and each other.

The sense of team drives our culture. We aim to continuously inspire a collaborative environment where clients and clinicians can realize the best possible outcomes for obtaining well-being in a compassionate, respectful, and culturally responsive environment. We are seeking talented, like-minded therapists who are dedicated to our Mission and Values. If you are a therapist whose treatment focus and style aligns with our care philosophy, please consider joining our practice!

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